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by Rick Thurmond

Horsehead.Rick Thurmond

The Horsehead (IC434, NGC2024) is a cloud of dust in front of a cloud of glowing hydrogen. I took this photo through the 7" Astro-Physics refractor at New Mexico Skies. E200 Ilfochrome 7" A-P.

by Lynn Anderson

Look at these incredible solar eclipse photos submitted in April 2008 by Lynn!

by Dickson Yeager

Full Moon Venus & Mercury at Dusk

Image descriptions from left to right:

Both images were taken with a 35mm camera with 300mm lens piggy backed to his telescope

By Norman Mahan

Image 3

The "Valentine Nebula", IC1805, Summer 2005 (Use the controls at the bottom of the image to zoom in and then pan up, down, left, or right)

By Bert Katzung

M13M8Pelican Nebula

Image descriptions from left to right:

Lunar Eclipse on October 27, 2004

There was a great Total Lunar Eclipse visible here in Sonoma County a few days before Halloween, 2004. SCAS Members Len Nelson and Bob Schalck captured these images and provided them for your viewing pleasure.

Lunar Eclipse image 1Lunar Eclipse image 2Lunar Eclipse image 3Lunar Eclipse image 4

These four images were taken by Len Nelson.

4-in-1 moon photo Lunar Eclipse

These two images were taken by Bob Schalck.


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