September 12, 2018 Meeting of the Sonoma County Astronomical Society

Radio Astronomy by Keith Payea

Keith will discuss the basics of radio astronomy and how it relates to visual astronomy. He will also inform us how amateurs can do meaningful radio astronomy with simple backyard equipment or by on-line remotely accessible radio telescopes. We are receiving radio signals all of the time from our solar system, galaxy and the universe-just tune in!

Keith is an Electrical Engineer designer of electronic devices, Robert Ferguson Observatory Radio Astronomer and a Ham Radio enthusiast.

Meeting Time and Location:

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 7:30pm to 9pm
Santa Rosa Central Public Library
211 "E" Street (3rd and E Streets)
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

The Sonoma County Astronomical Society no longer meets at the Proctor Terrace Elementary School. The meetings will be posted on the web site and by email to members.